Material of fleece.
Fleece hoodies,fleece sweatshirt,fleece sweatpants,fleece t shirt,fleece jacket,fleece pants are light, soft,warm, quick-drying, and non-linting.

Fleece for hoodies also has the property of keeping warm.
Fleece is to use the air layer “fixed” between the fluff on the surface of the fabric to achieve warmth. The thicker the fluff layer, the more “fixed” air, the more warm it is, because air is a poor conductor of heat. Polar fleece is to make the fluff into a ball to increase the space for fixed air. The advantage of professional fleece pants over ordinary fleece is that after repeated wearing, the ball formed by the fluff has a stronger ability to restore and keep warmth almost unchanged.

Fleece fabric is combined with windproof durable fabric.
The disadvantages of fleece fabrics for adidas are that they are not windproof, wear-resistant, and not resistant to hooks.Therefore, at present, many fleece products are based on fleece fabrics, composite waterproof and breathable film, windproof, wear-resistant and durable woven fabrics, so that the fabric functions of clothing are more balanced, and the uses are more extensive. It is no longer limited to the middle layer. It is mostly used on the outer layer, which is fashionable and reduces the number of layers worn in outdoor clothing. For example, GAMMA MX can be said to be soft shell or fleece hoody jacket.

The compounding of fleece fabrics is considered a high value-added place in the textile industry. It requires compounding in a constant temperature and humidity environment to ensure the durability of the composite fabric without damaging the waterproof and breathable membrane.

Post time: Aug-06-2021