Many people prepare set of new equipment when participating in competitions (such as marathons, etc.). This approach is very unwise. It is best to wear whatever you wear for daily exercises, which can effectively avoid damage to easily worn positions.

Sportswear from thick to thin are: down jacket,down pants, plush jackets, fleece jacket, sweat-wicking underwear, dry fit sports suit (usually worn in summer). They all have different functions and are worn on different occasions and temperatures.

Down jacket and pants: Generally worn in colder snow and plateau areas, it is lighter in weight and has better thermal performance.

Windbreaker Jackets: essential clothing for outdoor activities, windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant, etc.

Fleece hoodies , fleece jacket : It can prevent wind and keep warm, etc. It is generally worn during outdoor sports or winter sports.

Perspiration-wicking underwear: The main function of this type of clothing is to keep the body dry after outdoor sports, and it is not commonly used in summer daily sports.

Quick-drying tracksuit : The best wear for summer sports. It is not easy to stick to the body after exercise and quick-drying. It is best to choose trousers and sleeves that can be detached and can be worn on more occasions.

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Post time: Aug-13-2021