Comfortable and natural Yoga clothes are mainly comfortable, natural and functional. 

Because Yoga Pants has a lot of big body stretches, and not only a few angles of actionWear sweat wicking fabric. Although this kind of material is not pure natural material, it has one advantage: after sweating, its perspiration is indeed better than cotton and hemp, and it will not stick to the body because of the wet clothes and trousers, and it may grow eczema for a long time, which is more uncomfortable. There are many kinds of fabrics for moisture absorption and perspiration.

Bamboo fiber is a new kind of natural fiber, which is made by the combination of physical and chemical methods. There are essential differences between natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber. Bamboo fiber belongs to natural fiber and bamboo pulp fiber belongs to chemical fiber. The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber

Post time: Mar-27-2020