1. Treadmill

When running, the clothes are loose, just a normal T-shirt. Of course, it is better to choose clothes with functions such as fast perspiration. There are not many requirements for pants, as long as a pair of cotton sports pants, you can easily walk on the treadmill. And running shoes play a very important role at this time. A good pair of shoes may bring you the comfort of walking in the garden. Therefore, you might as well choose some high-tech and powerful running shoes. Such running shoes have good tension, are soft and bendable. They are comfortable to wear and also have a good cushioning effect, protecting your feet from sports injuries.

2. Pilates and Yoga

When boys practice Pilates and yoga, although they pay more attention to strength than girls, balance and tranquility are still the most important aspects of this sport. Therefore, it is best not to wear sharp accessories such as earrings, which are not only easy to hurt yourself in sports, but also in harmony with the sport. It is best to choose a soft, drooping fabric for clothes to facilitate the completion of some large movements. Clothes that are too heavy may make your movements not light enough.

3. Fight

Fighting is the perfect embodiment of boys’ strength and beauty. Tight top is the best choice for fighting, and the material is better to absorb sweat and breathe. And loose pants are fine, but don’t be too generous. Because too wide pants may not be conducive for you to make some moves like flying into the air.

4. Spinning bike

Boys riding a spinning bike must be full of sweat and a sense of strength. A tight-fitting top can not only bring out your perfect upper body muscles and lines, but also reduce the resistance when riding, which will help you to express your speed and passion. Maximum limit. Choosing a pair of shorts or short pants with a suitable length can reduce the friction and hindrance of the cloth to the knee joint movement. At the same time, it is best to wear hard-soled sports shoes when riding, which can help the feet to be fixed and will not hurt the ankles during high-speed exercise.

5. Barbell exercise

Barbell exercise is a quick way to lose weight, and it can also shape beautiful body lines. When practicing barbell exercises, the most important point is to wear a pair of well-fitting shorts. This is because standard exercises can get the best exercise effect, and if you wear long pants, you will cover your legs and you can’t see whether they bend to the standard position. The shorts are best above the knee joint, which can help you achieve the most standard every movement, and the range of movements is not easily limited by the pants.

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Post time: Jan-22-2021