Fleece clothing can generally be divided into windproof fleece jacket and warm fleece tracksuit. Adidas windproof fleece jacket is mainly realized by a layer of windproof and breathable film attached between two layers of fabric; while Nike warm fleece sport suits is mostly made of a single material, which is processed by weaving or bonding. The material is mostly chemical fiber materials. This type of fleece is currently widely used in outdoor fabrics.

You can safely stuff it into the washing machine. The brand fleece clothes can of course be machine washed, but it is best to put a laundry bag on the outside to avoid friction during the washing process and reduce the possibility of lint and pilling. Pay attention to dry in the shade as much as possible when drying, and not to expose to the sun.

Don’t expose the fleece!
In outdoor sports, the wool surface of the PUMA fleece track suit is not suitable for external wear, not only easy to get dirty, but also easy to pilling. You can use a single layer of nylon fabric to cover the outside, not only windproof and warm, but also does not add too much weight.

Don’t put two pieces together!
In order to keep warm, some “Asses” choose to wear two fleece jackets, which is actually not convenient. If you wear it too thick, it will cause your body to overheat and quickly consume unnecessary physical energy. When wearing fleece jacket and pants, pay attention to matching with the clothes worn inside. Pay attention to the choice of thickness. Separate thick and thin. Try to avoid contact between the inner and outer layers of wool.
The wool surface is easy to pilling together, and it is very inconvenient to put on and take off.

The most important thing about fleece sports wear is not to wash them with a washing machine, but to wash them by hand, otherwise the waterproof layer will separate from the cloth under the strong pressure of the washing machine.Men tracksuit and women tracksuit are often worn for a long time before washing them once. Don’t mind washing them once by hand.

The dirty fabric of the jacket and trousers are made of chemical fiber material, which is easy to remove the stains. Soak it with neutral detergent for about 20 minutes. The dirty area can be cleaned with a soft brush or sponge. You don’t need to wring it after washing. Let it dry on a hanger. This way is not complicated.

Post time: Jul-16-2021