How to choose fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants for autumn and winter?

Fabric factors

1. Appearance: A good Adidas fleece hoodies and joggers will shine a little under the sun or suitable light, and the overall surface feels flat, like velvet, with pure color and warm fist.

2. Hand feeling: elastic hand feeling, weight and lightness. After washing of Paul Frank sweatshirt and sweat pants, it should not have the ball and will not become sparse (if there is static electricity, it can be washed with a softener).

3. Windproof: The traditional Adidas fleece sweatshirt and pants is basically not windproof. Today’s fleece sweaters are high-tech, high-performance fabrics. The windproof performance of the fleece is improved to improve the warmth retention. It is very warm and soft to the touch. It can absorb moisture through capillary action, and it is easy to dry even if it is soaked.

In addition, pay attention to the detailed design when buying. For example, Nike’s fleece hoodies has elasticated hem and sleeves, the collar is higher, and the zipper is better (YKK is the best) and so on.

Style factor
Ideal fleece garments are usually designed according to the size of the human body curve and cut in three dimensions. The compact cutting method makes the tracksuit small in size and light in weight under the premise of ensuring the sports function. At the same time, the compact cutting not only reduces the friction of the garment in sports, but also improves the personality.

1.In order to facilitate the movement, the movable parts adopt special prefabricated shapes, such as the prefabricated joint arcs of the elbows and knees, and the prefabricated creases of the armpits;

2.The longer upper body design and the slightly longer back cut are very helpful to avoid exposing the back waist during climbing of Fila’s tracksuit; the collar is high and the cheeks are protected, and the weatherproof cap can also be hidden;

3.The shoulders, elbows and cuffs are reinforced with wear-resistant fabrics;

4.The knees and hips of the Kappa fleece pants should not be too tight when bending and squatting to ensure that the legs are stretched loosely and comfortably during climbing and crossing.

These are for reference only, if you have better suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jul-09-2021