There are many material to do vest. Cotton,bamboo,modal,polyester,cotton/polyester and so on.We could do style,material,color,size,logo are as your requirement.

How to choose high quality tank top to fit for men?

In the hot summer, cool and comfortable vest is definitely a must-have item for sportsmen. Unlike T-shirts and shirts, vests feel more casual and comfortable, and they can also show your unique personality. If you are confident enough about your figure, choose a stylish vest and get out of the street.

If the color of the vest is too bright or the pattern is slightly exaggerated, try to be as simple as possible in the choice of pants and accessories, so that the overall outfit does not look too fancy, so that people’s attention can be focused on your top on.

If you think that the solid color vest looks too monotonous, you can choose accessories with a strong sense of design, such as watches, necklaces, hats, backpacks, etc., which can break the monotony and dullness.

If you don’t want to be too eye-catching of men tank tops, choose a pair of brightly colored pants, which can successfully divert attention.

Some men often stay away from vests because they are not confident enough in their body. Let’s take a look at the slim and muscular body types of men vests.

1.Muscular body type

If you are a muscular and tattooed man, there are too many vest styles to choose. Of course, it is better to choose a loose vest, because too tight and too strong will give people a rough feeling.

2.Slim body type

Boys who are thinner can choose a slightly loose vest style. Although the black vest is somewhat conservative, it is very versatile. With a pair of exaggerated printed pants, you will instantly become the focus of the crowd. It is recommended to choose black for other items, so that the overall dress is not too fancy.

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Post time: Feb-19-2021