In the face of this epidemic, the government has coordinated, managed and adopted a series of epidemic prevention measures, and it is now basically under control.
And for the yellow health code personnel, the government arranged three days (September 27-September 30) for nucleic acid testing.
Yesterday, a community has been quarantined for 14 days. Everyone is healthy, and Shentong has not shown any uncomfortable state. The community has to be unblocked, and you can show the green health code to enter and exit the community and other places.

The National Day is coming soon. I hope that the epidemic in Xiamen will end soon and everyone can spend a happy and unforgettable holiday together.
Thank us China, and thank all our Xiamen epidemic prevention staff and all personnel in Xiamen.
I believe that the concerted efforts of everyone will usher in the early sunshine.

So what are the prices of all daily necessities and clothing in this epidemic?
In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, all national highways and highways in all cities around Xiamen have arranged for personnel to take body temperature measurements, check health codes, and check the status of accounting and testing.
Vehicles and personnel from other places are restricted from entering and exiting Xiamen, as is express delivery. So many materials are lacking.

Many enthusiastic people from other provinces helped arrange procurement and transportation to Xiamen.
The prices of vegetables, fruits, clothes, daily necessities, etc. have risen somewhat.
The weather in Xiamen is still very hot. They wear T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sports T-shirts, sports shorts,yoga bras, yoga leggings, sports pants, vests, hoodies,joggers, etc.

As the raw materials have all risen, the price of clothes and pants has also increased. Clothes and pants are essential products for human beings. Different new styles are very attractive to everyone. As long as the style is good-looking, the fabric is comfortable, the workmanship is fine, and the price is right, why can’t we What about purchasing?

Post time: Sep-30-2021