This women tracksuit is used velvet fabric.
Velvet fabrics are divided into chemical fiber velvet and real silk velvet fabrics. Chemical fiber velvet fabrics are mainly made of polyester fibers. Silk velvet fabrics are mainly made of untwisted raw silk. However, what are the unique characteristics of velvet fabrics? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of velvet fabrics and the characteristics of velvet fabrics.

There are many characteristics of velvet fabric, mainly reflected in 4 points:
1. The velvet fabric has a silky smooth feel, the fluff fiber is very tough, and the grade is high;
2. The velour fabric is soft to the touch, skin-friendly and comfortable to wear women track suits , which is loved by the majority of users;
3. The velvet fabric has a few grades of biocompatibility with the surface of human skin, and its friction coefficient in contact with the skin is low;
4. The velvet fabric has good anti-wrinkle performance, excellent elasticity and dimensional stability, and the insulation of the fabric does not generate static electricity, which is suitable for making tracksuits.

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Post time: Oct-31-2020