1.Wear directly to the body (the most common way of wearing):
But there are many people who don’t wear this way. They often choose solid color T-shirt for the base, wear a round neck T-shirt to the body, and then wear a POLO shirt. This looks simple and generous with a sense of hierarchy. It can also protect the polo t shirt.

2. Untie the two buttons and wear:

Generally, POLO shirts will have 2 buttons. If you wear them next to your skin, it is recommended to buckle the bottom button and untie the top one, or untie the two buttons and match a necklace to make your chest look less hollow. If you already have a T-shirt base, you may wish to untie both buttons. In addition, unless in more formal occasions, we do not recommend to buckle all the buttons.

3. How to wear vertical collar:

There is also a very popular way to wear the collar of the golf polo shirt, which looks very fashionable. But remember that it is best not to stand up the collar when indoors. If you want to become outgoing, you can try colorful polo shirts, such as green, red, or dark pinstriped polo shirts, which can make you feel very cool. If the size of the polo shirt is one size larger, wear it loosely, or choose a smaller polo shirt to make yourself more self-cultivating, which will make you look more fashionable.

Post time: Dec-30-2020