The difference between quick-drying pants and sports pants is: sports pants absorb sweat when people exercise, but quick-drying pants are not so hungry. Quick-drying pants transfer moisture to the surface of the clothes through air circulation. The moisture evaporates to achieve the purpose of quick drying, and this method of quick drying pants can quickly dry the pants. After wearing quick-drying pants, the moisture will disappear in about an hour, but if it is sports pants, it should be difficult to dry. Because the drying speed of quick-drying pants is 50% faster than ordinary pants, and it is more comfortable to wear than ordinary jogging pants.
The overall jogger pants are relatively loose. Generally, the fabrics of materials suitable for strenuous exercise are selected, and the trousers are not a trouser with such high requirements. In fact, the meaning of trousers is closer to casual pants. The overall feeling of school pants is closer to some sports pants, because most of them are open at the bottom, of course, there are also sealing, but it is only closed at the ankle position, but the guard pants are big and small, and the whole is slow. Slowly becomes smaller.

Post time: Nov-14-2020