1.Polo t shirt + Trousers

Polo shirts and trousers are also common, and they look more mature and stable when worn. Therefore, many business people often choose this collocation at business gatherings, because the combination of polo shirts and trousers is very suitable for formal occasions.

2.Polo shirt + jeans

As a practical item for men, jeans are simple and classic when paired with Polo shirts. Want to add more uniqueness to this simple shape, matching shoes and watches are important accessories.
When choosing shoes, you can match different colors according to different colors. Match the styles of leather shoes for formal wear, mix and match to create a metropolitan yuppie style. With sneakers or casual shoes, it can highlight the leisure and comfort of the POLO shirt.

3.Polo shirt + casual pants

The combination of Polo shirt and casual pants is a “match made in heaven”! Whether it’s work or dating, it can handle it, which is very suitable for daily collocation. You don’t even need to go home to change clothes during a date, just put on this suit and talk to the beauties.
The same collocation, just the difference in glasses, can make the whole show different temperament. The ordinary frame makes the overall collocation reveal a sense of elegance, but after changing the sunglasses, it changes into an urban yuppie style. And whether you are paired with sports shoes or leather shoes, there will be no sense of contradiction.

4.Polo shirt + shorts

POLO shirt with shorts is the most casual way to wear, and it is also the most suitable match for spring and summer. If you want to make this simple matching method more personal, you can start with the colors and patterns of the POLO shirts: black, indigo, navy blue POLO shirts and khaki shorts look not only relaxed and happy, but also a bit more stable and intellectual. Wenqing style. Or choose stripes, check patterns, neckline stitching, or even a whole POLO shirt with a printed totem, which can also enhance the uniqueness of the POLO shirt and show personal creativity and style.

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Post time: Jan-07-2021