1.Pure color

In the gym, yoga bra and yoga pants are mostly black. If you want yoga set to “walk” out of the gym, the editor recommends that you avoid black as much as possible when choosing solid colors, and choose beautiful colors, such as white, pink, blue, etc. It can not only improve the fashion, but also let the yoga leggings get rid of the sporty atmosphere and interpret a new style.
Secondly, when choosing solid color, you should refer to your skin color, like white skin girl, all kinds of solid colors can hold. For girls with yellow skin, in order not to make the skin look dull, we recommend to choose warm colors which will not brighten or darken the skin.


Yoga has a long history, and printing is a retro element. The combination of the two are perfect match. The beauty is not worth the life. Wearing printed gym bra and gym pants or shorts to go out, no matter where you go,
The editor guarantees that everyone’s return rate is 200%. After all, the expressiveness of printing is too strong, and it immediately attracts people’s visual focus.

However, good-looking is good-looking, and most people can’t control printed sport bra or pants. After all, the patterns are too public and eye-catching, and only lively girls can control them.
Just like a girl with a quiet personality, let alone put it on, you can’t see others wearing printed gym bra and gym leggings. For a while, you may still appreciate it.
3. Wave point

Compared with printed fitness set, polka-dot fitness pants seem too easy to control. The large and small polka dots are printed on the fitness leggings, which not only enriches the color of the pants, does not appear monotonous, but also does not destroy the simple and generous beauty of the fitness bra and fitness shorts. The more I look, the more I want to see it. In order to highlight the wave point elements, when you choose, you must make the wave points and the fitness pants have different colors.
Can be of the same color.
Otherwise, it is no different from solid color fitness pants. In addition, the size of the wave dots also affects
the visual effect. Wavelet dots, although the pattern looks complicated and complicated, it has a slimming effect, will set off the thin body of the whole person, and also show a fresh and artistic style.

Post time: Sep-04-2020