The advantages of famous brands Ethika mens underwear is that it get high reputation, and channels are unified and prices are same, which can cover regional markets more quickly. However, these famous brands Ethika underwear are precisely because of the “brand effect”, while Man Underwear factory give agents a small profit space, the sales task is still very high, and the relevant policies are relatively “dead” and not flexible.

Although small brands or oem your own brand underwear are limited by brand operation funds, regions, etc.,reputation and acceptance are not high, but their influence has a lot of space for improvement. In addition, boxer shorts manufacturer or you have high profits . Although the early market development investment is slow and difficult, if it is sale well, it will also get high reputation in the market.

So if you want Customize underwear as your styles, Westfox think there are several advantage as below :

1.Can build your own brand.

2.Could do styles as your requirement with different function.

3.Quality can be controlled by yourself.


Post time: May-19-2020