Sweatshirts are casual, versatile and warm, and are very popular among the public. There are two kinds of hoodies with hood and round neck.

The fabric of the sweatshirt is generally made of cotton, or a little blended,.After the processing and progress of modern technology, we often add other synthetic fabrics for function and comfort.Which belongs to knitted terry cloth (three-thread inserted weft). The main fabric is knitted with texture and the inside is terry. If it is raised, it is called flannel,fleece or wool. Because it has a great chance of wearing it next to the body, and it pays attention to comfort.

The characteristics of sweatshirt cotton fabrics. Sweatshirt cotton is a kind of knitted fabric. Many of us also call terry cloth. There are many types. We can roughly divide it into cotton and polyester cotton. The needles form a semicircular shape, just like the scales of a piece of fish, so this kind of cloth is also called fish scale cloth by many people. The sweatshirt for men and women are made of this type of fabric is generally of the thick type. It is used to make coats or thick sweatshirts. Although it is thick, it has a fluffy feel, good air permeability, and is also very durable. . If the fabric with spandex component is added, the elasticity will be significantly better than that without it.

The emergence of unisex sweatshirt is because in the cold winter, the workers have to work in the severe cold, so the sweatshirt or hoodie are produced. At that time, the sweatshirt mainly existed as a warm inner wear. What is sweatshirt cotton? Traditional sweatshirts were made of pure cotton at that time. This kind of clothing is made of cotton, which has good sweat absorption and good warmth retention. It is loved by everyone. It is called sweatshirt cotton.
After modern times, the sweatshirt cotton here has become a variety of cotton, such as pure sheep cotton, or synthetic cotton combined with many cottons, mainly related to the development of our technology and technology, which has led to a variety of cotton.

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