What kinds of hoodies fabrics ?

1. Polyester: Not very breathable and static electricity will form. It is little uncomfortable to wear. Some even use chemical fiber raw materials, which even loses the cold-proof, warmth and breathable characteristics of the hoodies.

2. 100% Cotton: It is best to use 100% cotton fabrics for hoodies,pullover or sweatshirt, with long cotton velvet, high chemical fiber flexibility and good quality. Coupled with the combing finishing, the shorter cotton fiber is combed, and the impurities in the cotton material are removed to produce a smooth cotton yarn, which makes the cotton fiber more flexible and not easy to stick to pilling.

3. Space cotton fabric for hoodies focuses on warmth retention. It has the characteristics of being very clean and tidy, cold and warm, lightweight, not easy to fade, non-sticky, heat-resistant and electromagnetic radiation-proof, easy to clean, not deformed, and it is good for cold and heat insulation. , Heat resistance and other characteristics are much higher than traditional cotton, silk and other materials.

4. Chemical fiber for hoodies is short for synthetic fiber. The main function is bright colors, soft materials, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantages are relatively poor wear resistance, heat resistance, water absorption and air permeability, and they are very easy to deform when heated, and they are very easy to form static electricity.

5. Blended spinning for hoodies is a textile made by blending natural fiber and synthetic fiber according to the corresponding proportion. Its strengths are that it not only digests the strengths of cotton, linen, silk, wool and chemical fibers, but also prevents their own shortcomings as much as possible, and is relatively high-quality and inexpensive.

6. Velvet for hoodies : It is a collective term for cut pile silk fabric. The surface layer has plush, most of which is formed by sawing off the professional warp. Because the velvet is parallel and neat, the unique gloss of velvet shows the smooth material and dark surface material.You could choose hoodies of this material in autumn and winter.

These materials are suitable for men’s and women’s hoodies,pullover,sweatshirt,you could choose the appropriate fabric hoodie according to your reference.

Post time: Dec-02-2020