There are 4 style fabrics for your reference as below:

1.Terry. It is characterized by fullness and thickness, firm and thick cloth body, good elasticity, moisture absorption and warmth retention.

The fabric is custom hoodies, sportswear, polo T-shirts, pajamas,children’s clothing and others with Nike sportswear.

2.Fleece. It is characterized by soft texture and full feeling feel, and due to the formation of fluff, the warmth of the fabric is enhanced.

Could do fleece hoodies,fleece sweatshirt,fleece pollover and fleece sweatpants.

3.Cashmere. The composition of cashmere is 70% polyester and 30% acrylic. 

The characteristic is that it is not easy to cause static electricity.The smell of burning chicken feathers after being lit.

4.Cotton. It is characterized by warmth, comfort and natural health, so cotton fabric is also very popular for children’s hoodies . Cotton material can also be added with a little blending.

Could produce cotton hoodies,cotton sweatshirt,coton pullover,cotton joggers,cotton pants.

Choose the style of the hoodies from Westfox.Usually have round neck, pullover, half- open collar, fully open.
Different styles have different feeling.

Post time: Jun-02-2020