1. Fitted

When you buying Aumnie sports bra, the first thing to consider is whether it fits
or not.According to your size,try wear to confirm that the chest is
completely covered with yoga bra and there is no pressure.

The meat on both sides will not come out. Raise your hands, the gym bra will not go up.

If you buy sport bra top online, you can refer to the effect of the model.

2. Support
During you wear the yoga sport bra, jumping to experience the stability and
shockproof function of women sports bra to ensure that the chest is move less.

3. Sweat absorption
You should pay attention to see the label when selecting.

Generally speaking, the fabric should be sport bra fabric and it is better to
have comfortable and elastic materials.

Other style,could choose on WESTFOX.

Post time: May-29-2020