When you usually work out or go to yoga training classroom, it is essential to choose suitable gym set. The biggest role of yoga clothes is to ensure that your body is not hurt during the practice process and that your body can be fully stretched. This is very important for exercise, but many girls who love beauty, in addition to requiring yogawear to be functional, they also ask for good-looking fashion, which is what we often say:

1. Sports top, fashionable and stylish

The girl choose sports bra/top with U-shaped neckline design, which can outline slender neck, visually elongate the face and look thinner. The slim-fit design allow you to exercise more freely without any restriction. Solid color is simple and pure, and the skin is also fairer. The wide shoulder straps can not only reduce the pressure on the shoulders, but also can lift the chest to a certain extent.

2. Slim yoga pants, simple and neat

The yoga leggings look basically the same in style. The slim design is very three dimensional, and the legs are more slender when worn on the body. The fabric of the leggings is very dry, comfortable and not easily deformed. It fits the body better during exercise. The high waist design can collect the excess fat on the lower abdomen. The small foot version makes this gym pants look more fashionable. 

When choosing fitness wear, the fabric of the clothes is very important, because people easily sweat during exercise. If the fabric of the clothes cannot wick away sweat in time or has poor air permeability, it will directly affect the effect of the exercise.

Post time: Sep-16-2020