Pay attention to the following points when purchasing yoga clothes:
1. The stretchability is not good, we should be choose carefully since it is not yoga leggings.
Yes, not Nike Adidas track pants or joggers can be as yoga pants. Yoga exercises generally focus on large-scale stretching. If it is not for special yoga leggings, they are usually not densely knitted and not good enough.

Once the stretching action is large, the pattern will be deformed in slight cases, and the underwear will appear in severe cases.

Many pants in online celebrity shops are OK for running. But if you wear them to practice yoga,you need to make sure whether they are transparent.

2. It is not suitable to buy bloomers.
Wide bloomers, trousers are too wide, you can’t observe through the mirror during standing exercises whether your knees are overextension, whether the upper and lower leg muscles are rotated in order, and even when practicing with bricks (find the internal rotation of the thigh muscles and force a feeling of). Of course you can only do meditation.

3. It is not advisable to choose loose clothes.
If you sweat, do you think your clothes are looser and cooler? The yoga part of the pose is too large, and the tops are loose and have space. Therefore, if there are male members in the club practicing together, simply bend over and you will be seen the chest!

There are many upside-down postures in yoga. For example, clothes cannot wrap the body and slide easily. When making big movements, do not tighten your waist, but slide left and right.

So need to choose tight, breathable and fit yoga bra or yoga tops.

4. It is not suitable to choose pure cotton clothes.
Pure cotton clothing tends to stick to the body as soon as it sweats, and the elasticity is too small, there will be restrictions when the body stretches.

So choosing suitable, elastic and breathable sport bra and leggings are very important for your yoga practice.

Post time: Aug-22-2020